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In 2003 “Palsik” company was founded, and after rebranding in 2017 it became “DSB” company, which performs repair and construction works of any degree of complexity. We have selected qualified personnel and have adopted the most advanced technologies and materials. Our foremen will carefully choose the interior details, which are to make your home a real masterpiece. Beauty, elegance, utility. This is our motto.

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Woodworks Maintenance Service

It is commonly known that wood is always in praise. This natural material is used for interior decoration and walls paneling. Furniture, parquet boards, rack structures, windows and doors are made of wood. Such demand is due to the positive qualities of the wood:

    • the material is reliable, durable and environmentally friendly;
    • it has an aesthetic appeal that cannot be replaced by superficial alternatives;
    • wood in the interior always speaks luxury and nobility.

Despite being quite popular material, many consumers are not aware that wood can lose its qualities and decay through time as its structure changes properties due to various factors. Common examples of wood defects include:

  • decay, damage caused by insect and fungi;
  • longitudinal and transversal cracks during wood shrinkage;
  • delamination in the adhesive bonds.


Care and Handling requirements for Wooden Goods

Wood does not tolerate sharp temperature changes. The optimal microclimate for products made of natural wood is about 18-24° C and humidity 40-65%. Wooden furniture damage can occur due to mechanical influence. It is worth to treat the furniture with care, placing it in the safest areas.

Varnished wooden piece should be regularly wiped with a dry soft cloth. Best to do it at least 2-3 times a week. Over time varnished cabinet top or any other furniture can crack and split. It can be caused by several factors both the inappropriate care and the manufacturer’s fault. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that timely care for surfaces from natural materials can preserve its aesthetics and functionality for many years to come.

Wooden Goods Maintenance

There are many other processes in addition to the basic requirements user can follow independently. Design Service Building Company provides professional maintenance of wooden goods.

TWith over 10 years in construction industry, DSB team consists of experienced craftsmen who know how to make wooden elements last longer keeping clients satisfied. Apart from eliminating all kinds of defects, we will remove stains, dirt and restore natural structure of wood. We will also give recommendations in further care. Our team has a long working experience and invaluable theoretical knowledge, ensuring we take proper care of the wood. We use only high-quality safe solutions, materials and equipment that give a brand new look to the wooden goods and extend their life.