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In 2003 “Palsik” company was founded, and after rebranding in 2017 it became “DSB” company, which performs repair and construction works of any degree of complexity. We have selected qualified personnel and have adopted the most advanced technologies and materials. Our foremen will carefully choose the interior details, which are to make your home a real masterpiece. Beauty, elegance, utility. This is our motto.

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Marble Products

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Marble Products

Service maintenance of marble

Marble is a precious natural material used in finishing aesthetics of interior and exterior. Beyond its strength marble is prized for its classical beauty and exclusiveness available in a range of colors and veining. Each piece is unique, due to mineral deposits that pattern it, making no two slabs exactly alike. Each marble finish provides different look, and even feel, to make it work within a design.

SSuch a natural variety of marble shades allows choosing indigenous and not colored stone into space to elevate design and incorporate in the aesthetics of the interior. For that reason, captivating beauty of marble leaves no one unmoved, especially those who appeal to exceptional taste in refined and versatile interiors.

Over time marble surface consisting of microscopic pores can be clogged with dust, dirt and liquids. These factors significantly affect the appearance of stone, as well as gradually destroy it. It is necessary to take regular care of the surface to maintain an aesthetically attractive appearance and to preserve marble structure which will prolong its operational and functional qualities.

Professional marble maintenance service

DSB provides over 10 years of experience in renovation, design and décor maintenance service. During this time our experts have gained invaluable experience, heightened by the theoretical knowledge, ensuring highest quality of works performed.

It is impossible to clean marble surface without professional equipment, tools and chemicals, so better to avoid cleaning on one’s own upon detection of the marble etching or staining. We encourage you to trust our experts to do this job.They will skillfully perform following services:

  • Dry cleaning of marble surface or objects.
    This task is carried out by using a particular vacuum cleaner;
  • Liquid cleaning. This procedure is done by using special neutralizing solution ensuring no stains, scratches or marks remain on the surface after application;;
  • Marble drying using the special equipment.

Next step is to polish marble surface by using wax-polymer lacquer or liquid crystallizer. This guarantees reliable coating to protect marble from external factors affect.

Here is a list of essential, particularly important actions to keep marble looking great and avoiding decay of its surface from spilled coffee, juice, tea or clogging with dust and dirt.

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