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In 2003 “Palsik” company was founded, and after rebranding in 2017 it became “DSB” company, which performs repair and construction works of any degree of complexity. We have selected qualified personnel and have adopted the most advanced technologies and materials. Our foremen will carefully choose the interior details, which are to make your home a real masterpiece. Beauty, elegance, utility. This is our motto.

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French Aftertaste

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During work on this project, the most pleasant and inspiring were our customers themselves. The most important for us in creating this interior was the clear clients’ understanding of what they wanted to get in the end. The muse came from priceless, how loving and tenderness members of this family looked at each other. Their union is an absolutely destructive force against any difficulties and obstacles on their way. We didn’t have the choice but just to create for them an indestructible fortress and a cozy warm home, where a loving father and husband returns every day back from his workplace, where always smells something freshly cooked and where is always heard children’s laughter. The place where ‘Love’ lives… Love which is in wealth and poverty, in illness and health, joy and sorrow, which is now and forever…