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In 2003 “Palsik” company was founded, and after rebranding in 2017 it became “DSB” company, which performs repair and construction works of any degree of complexity. We have selected qualified personnel and have adopted the most advanced technologies and materials. Our foremen will carefully choose the interior details, which are to make your home a real masterpiece. Beauty, elegance, utility. This is our motto.

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Engineering systems

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Engineering systems

Service maintenance of air conditioning and engineering systems

In order for air conditioning, ventilation and other engineering components to function properly and safely, care must be taken not only of the quality equipment installment, but also of the timely repairs and service works. The service frequency depends on the frequency of equipment usage, its purpose and space dimensions, where it operates.

What includes maintenance service of ventilation and air conditioning equipment

Technical equipment inspection is a list of procedures performed by DSB experts. They include:

  • Preventive examination of equipment;
  • Operation testing;
  • Repair or replacement of worn-out devices (if necessary).

TThe ventilation system is one of the most important and specific systems, that requires timely cleaning for smooth operation and safety use.

During inspection , repair and service of such facilities, our experts conduct following works:

  • Inspection of air, fat, coal and water filters;
  • Monitoring operation of air duct;
  • Verification of automatic devices units;
  • Inspection of fasteners structure;
  • Cleaning grids and other clogged components;
  • Inspection of operating voltage and current.

This is not a full list of service stages, however each one is important for normal equipment operation. It is worthwhile to engage experienced professionals to perform all kinds of works involved in timely ventilation and air conditioning systems maintenance. By choosing DSB company, you will get a quality result in a short timescale, to help significantly extend the operating life of your equipment.