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In 2003 “Palsik” company was founded, and after rebranding in 2017 it became “DSB” company, which performs repair and construction works of any degree of complexity. We have selected qualified personnel and have adopted the most advanced technologies and materials. Our foremen will carefully choose the interior details, which are to make your home a real masterpiece. Beauty, elegance, utility. This is our motto.

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Beautiful, feasible, practical

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Remember the joke “Quickly, efficiently, cheap – choose any two options?” This is also true for interior design.

MWhile making a high-quality visualization and developing a design project with a designer, you get the opportunity to foresee all the details in advance, and be fully confident in a great result.
Designer’s task at this stage becomes finding the right balance between the beauty of the project and the possibility of its practical implementation. Important not only the experience in creating design projects, but also the results of their implementation, to what extent finished project meets client’s expectations.

Design project is not a strictly accountable document, however when creating it, it is necessary to plan stages of future works and predict success of their performance. The number of examples in failed solutions is simply enormous. It is enough to “draw” a seamless tile and after face the problem of tile splitting and cracking. Interior solutions may have obscure disadvantages, which can be missed by inexperienced designer.

With more than 10 years of experience, our designers have developed a practical scheme for creating a design project which most accurately reflects both client’s desires and technology requirements to implementation.